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Laboratory Equipment - Water Bath Memmert WNE14
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Specification of

Water Bath is a laboratory apparatus that contains water or a special liquidcan maintain temperature under certain conditions during the specified time intervals. Water bath functions include:

- creates a constant temperature

- incubating on microbiological analysis

- evaporates the extract to react substances above room temperature

- reagent heater

- incubating cell culture

- heating up flammable chemicals

Sell Water Bath Memmert WNE14

We sell Water Bath Memmert WNE14 with the following specifications:

Stainless Steel Interior

Approximate Contents Approx.0.49 ft ³ 14 L
Length (A)350 mm 13.7 in.
Width (B)290 mm 11.4 in
Height (C)140 mm 5

5 in

Stainless Steel Casing

Length (D)578 mm 14.1 in
Width (E)436 mm 9.4 in
Height (with Flat Cover) (F)238 mm 13.7 in.

Height (with Gable Cover) (G) 347 mm 3.8 in

Liquid Level

Minimum Liquid Level (H)97 mm 3.8 in
Maximum Liquid Level (I)120 mm 4.7 in

Temperature Deviation


Variation/Distribution± 0,1/± 0.25 ° C

Electrical Supply


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