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Penetrometer Digital Koehler K95500
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Specification of Penetrometer Digital Koehler K95500

In accordance with specifications: ASTM D5, D217, D937, D1321, D1403, D2884, D4950; IP 49, 50, 179, 310; ISO 2137; DIN 51 804, 51 580, 51 579; FTM 791-311, 791-312, 791-313; AOCS Cc 16-60; AACC 58-14; NF T 60-119; 60-123; 60-132; 66-004

Penetration Range: 0-62.0mm (penetration 0-620 scale) in 1 / 10mm or 1 / 100mm

Penetration Interval: Operator variable, 1 to 9999.9 seconds with automatic repeat function and 5.0 second default

accessories included
Standard plunger, 47.5g
Weights, 50 and 100g

Dimensions LxWxH on. (Cm)
Base: 12.5x14 (31.7x35.6)
Overall: 12.5x14x18 (31.7x35.6x45.7)
net Wei

• Test the consistency of lubricating greases, petroleum wax, bitumen, pastes, creams and other solid to semi-solid products
• Operator Automatically penetration measurement time programmable
• motorized placement of the penetrator at the sample surface
• Large LCD for displaying all functions
• RS232 port for data transfer
• Full measurement range of 0-620 in 1 / 10mm scale or 1 / 100mm scale
• The rechargeable battery or AC operation
• Large, removable base to accommodate cups of oil workers and non-standard ASTM and other packaging samples
• Complete selection of penetrometer cones, needles and accessories for testing of petroleum products and for various other applications
• compliance with all ASTM, IP, ISO 9001 and related specifications for penetrometer

Microprocessor-Based Digital Penetrometer K95500
A new microprocessor based penetrometer loaded with advanced features to provide ease of operation and consistency highly reproducible measurement of petroleum products. microprocessor control provides various measurement and reporting options, and simplified operations with four user programmable presets that facilitate lowering the penetrator tip to the sample surface.

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