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CE2011 Visible spectrophotometer
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Specification of CE2011 Visible spectrophotometer

Aurius Series (2000 series)
With an optical bandwidth of 4nm and superb stability, accuracy and precision of these very easy to use instruments are ideal general purpose spectrophotometers. Excellent for routine Saturday and quality control laboratories, they offer a wide range of quantitative techniques with wavelength scanning as an option. Both Visible and UV Visible versions are available with full validation procedures.

Performance With Convenience
The ease of operation makes even complex tasks simple. An exceptional range of software and accessories makes the Aurius and Super Aurius instruments superb multi-user instruments, ideal for multi-discipline laboratories.
Absorbance Accuracy

The low straylight of the instruments, less than 0.01%, allows a measurement of absorbances 3 to be made with an error close to 1%.

p > This performance should be compared with errors of 26%, 10% and 6% of which result from straylight of 0.5%, 0.1% and 0.05% respectively for the same measurement.

Six Screen Width Viewing
All scans, curves and data produced by the spectrophotometers may be scrolled across the screen providing a very wide screen widths of 6-550mm-of viewing of extended displays.
Ease Of Operation

The large screen with contrast control, displays menus and prompts for all applications. All curves, scans and data displayed on the screen may be reprocessed before printing.
Software Enhancement By E-SEF

E-SEF-Encoded Software Enhancement Facility-is an important new Cecil design feature. Optional software modules are enabled by entering the numbers allocated correctly encoded. These numbers can be provided by telephone, fax or E-Mail. Exact software requirements may therefore be tailor

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