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Air Quality Meter EPAM-5000
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Specification of Air Quality Meter EPAM-5000

Air Quality Meter EPAM-5000 provides complete real-time profile and graphical representation of airborne particulate levels and exposures to the data read out in milligrams per cubic meter (mg / m³). This dynamic capability is not possible by simply using a gravimetric particulate sampler. The EPAM-5000 combines both real-time and gravimetric technique, which allows the investigator more accuracy in defining and analyzing the nature and magnitude of potential health risks that result from inhaling lung damaging particulates.

When EPAM-5000 deployed first sample air flow past the sensor in which the light scattering particulate concentrations registered electronically, the airflow is deposited directly onto 47 mm filter gravimetric located directly behind the optical sensors as shown above. 47 mm filter cassette is designed in accordance with the standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

This product offers a 24-hour rechargeable battery for portable flexibility and runs as a continuous monitor when used with the supplied AC power transformer. All of this is housed in a rugged watertight bag for monitoring ambient air.

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