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Air Quality Meter Haz DUst DPM-4000
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Specification of Air Quality Meter Haz DUst DPM-4000

Air Quality Meter Haz-Dust DPM 4000 is a complete and portable package that enables the measurement of personal breathing zone of the correct and comprehensive graph reporting.
This product is designed to measure diesel particulate matter to the air investigations of Industrial Hygiene and the Environment.
Equipped with GS-1 Respirable Cyclone and one 37mm sample cassette loaded with quartz filter. Inline Filter 37mm cassette allows users to simultaneously collect filter samples for carbon analysis with NIOSH method 5040.
Electronic signal processing and microprocessor enclosed in a compact case that attaches to the waist individual. A real-time display reports concentrations in micrograms per cubic meter (ug / m3). Statistics such as: TWA, STEL, Max, and Minimum can be directly viewed on the screen. The internal user adjustable alarms can be set to remind the user approaching a dangerous threshold.
The accompanying software provides management ready graphs and reports. DPM-4000 is a compliance tool excellent survey to determine the exposure of workers to contaminate diesel, diesel engine combustion efficiency, evaluating the level of respiratory protection, or applications that require immediate and accurate air monitoring of lung damaging particulates diesel.

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